raison d'etre

We believe email can be trust, when handled with responsibilty.

How could it be that the most universally used communication tool, email messaging, didn't have a reasonable degree of legal admissibility? This was the question that started the eEvidence project.

At the time, back in 2010, there were already many products for registering e-notifications. The problem is, these approaches use email messaging, not for registering its contents and delivery, but as a convenient way to deliver links to documents to later monitor and record when a document has been accessed and downloaded. From and innovative perspective, such approach was not very exciting.

The real Mission was to devise a method that by itself could supply unquestionable evidence of the contents and delivery of an email message, without requiring the recipient to intervene or know about it. In 2012 we filed patent applications in the US and the UE for that method.

Granting anyone the ability to legally assert the contents and delivery of any email has not just been a great achievement; by making it affordable, it has also involved a significant change on how we communicate and share information by email.

What we do

We provide the right technology for registering emails and files

The eEvidence method is solely based in Internet and cryptography standards, as the only effective way to achieve evidence unquestionability regardless of domestic legal considerations. By doing so, we provide a simple, yet strong, way to award global probative value to emails and digital files.

We encourage users and customers to identify opportunities

Our technology is not addressed to any particular need or industry. By explaining how it works, we help others to identify scenarios and business areas in which the product can be deployed to successfully address particular challenges.

We share all ins and outs of our technology so you can get the most out of it

The first step to know whether a product fits your needs and expectations is to understand it fully. This includes not only the most technical specs, but also understanding how to better use it. Having been involved in many successful projects worldwide, we are happy to assist whenever we are required to advise on deploying the product.

We welcome free users and paying customers alike

Part of our success is due to people telling others about what we do. Some start working with us by registering a free account just for trying, to upgrade the sooner they realize how advisable it is to register key emails and files. Many learn about us from satisfied users and customers, registering for premium from the start. Whatever their motivation and level of use, we work hard to stay by their side in order to help them take as much advantage as possible from the product possibilities.