Welcome to our social campaign in support of #YoMeCorono. At eEvidence we will donate 1 cent for each registered email sent through our platform. Will you join us?

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April 8th, 2020. First donation confirmed: 500 €
June 10th, 2020. Second donation confirmed: 1966,15 €


In these critical moments, eEvidence joins the fight against Covid-19 by supporting the #YoMeCorono project for the prevention and cure of the coronavirus. Together with the +10,000 users who register their emails with us, we will donate 1 euro cent for each email they send through our services. In order to see our progress in real time we have enabled a counter that shows the total sum of our donation since March 23.

I'm not an eEvidence registered user, can I still support this campaign?

Of course. You have two ways: first, you can make your own donation directly to #YoMeCorono; second, you can sign up for eEvidence and we will make a donation for every email you register. In support of the current situation, we are facilitating freelancers and companies the free use of eEvidence to register up to 100 email notifications, to notify and send documents with full legal certainty. You can sign up using the following form. Thanks for your support!


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