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Can't see an email sent to myself in my Gmail Inbox.

The reason why the email does not appear in your Inbox (or spam) folder, is because Gmail believes that the received email is the one you've have in the Sent folder. In other words, Gmail gets a bit confused and will only list the one you already had in the Sent folder.

This only happens when sending an email to your Gmail account by adding the '' wildcard: if you set up your Gmail account in your email client software (Outlook and such), configuring eEvidence as the SMTP outbound server, the email will show up in your Gmail's Inbox folder normally.

There are two main reasons why you want to send an email to yourself through eEvidence:

  • because you are simply testing our service, or
  • because you want to generate evidence of whatever you include in that email.

If you are just testing the service, don't worry too much: when sending an email to another Gmail address with the wildcard, the email will appear in the recipient's Inbox folder, as expected.

However, if you are emailing to yourself to generate evidence of, say, a file, please don't do it this way: instead, send it to and we will send you back the evidence of the contents of your email.

Thank you for asking!
eEvidence Support Team

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"I just tried sending a test email to my Gmail account. I got back an email accrediting that it was sent, but I cannot see the actual mail in my Inbox (or spam) folder."

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