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Do you offer a free trial?

For a regular use, there's no free trial available. To try out the product, simply register for a free account and see if it works for you. Free accounts are limited to 25 email registrations a year. We are committed to keep this offering forever, as well as not to push you to upgrade to a premium plan. If we ever suggest you to upgrade, it will be because based on how you use the service we believe you may find going premium convenient.

For large projects involving 2 million emails a year or more, we offer a free-of-charge full trial for up to 100,000 registered emails, plenty enough to check how the product performs at massive scale. Please contact us to apply for a test.

Have a look to our Pricing page for further information about our licenses.

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"I'm interested in the product, but I would like to try it first and decide whether it works for me. Is there a free trial available?"

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