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How do I register the emails sent to me?

Being able to register the emails you receive is a tricky one, but we've made it possible .

Notice that to effectively register an email, we need to get it directly from the sender and deliver it directly to the recipient's mail server.

The way email communications work, this can only be accomplished by configuring the domain name in which your email address is based, so that all incoming emails are routed to us: in particular, the domain's DNS MX records must be updated to point our servers. This is not a big deal in case you manage your own domain name, but for people with addresses based on third party domain names -such as Gmail or Hotmail users-, we must be honest with you: Gmail, Hotmail and such would LOL at us if we ever suggested such thing.

Based on this, you have several options for registering your important incoming emails:

By combining your email address with our domain name

When you register for eEvidence, you automatically get a virtual address in the form of [your address] for instance, if you registered for '', you also get ''.

You can use this virtual address to send emails, as your account's reply-to address and as your contact email address whenever you want. Any emails received at your virtual address, we will forward these to your real address, together with the evidence of its contents and reception.

Using a sub-domain or a dedicated domain name

You will probably not want to register all emails for all the addresses of your domain, but just those related to certain users or workflows.

If this is your case, you can set up and register addresses based on a sub-domain of your regular domain. For instance, given the '' domain name, you can create a sub-domain at your DNS (i.e. '') and register with us any address based on this sub-domain. In a similar way, you can set up and register with us dedicated email addresses from any unused domain name you may have.

By correctly configuring specific MX records for this (sub)domain, all emails sent to any address of this (sub)domain will get to us. From there, we can forward all evidences and emails to another address of yours or simply to your mail server or to your provider's.

By directly using your current address

For more than 10 years, we have been providing email security services to all kinds of companies worldwide, as a regular email service provider. For them, we manage both their incoming and outgoing email communications, so registering all their emails for eEvidence is piece of cake.

In case you are interested in considering the possibility of signing up for our email security services, please contact Support.

Thank you for asking!
eEvidence Support Team

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