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Why are there two different language settings?

The default language setting controls the language in which your private area and email notices are shown, whilst the evidence language setting determines in which language we will issue your eEvid.Certs.

There are reasons why you would like these to be different:

  • For instance, you may be a US citizen working in Paris. You will probably prefer English as your default language, but find more convenient to have your evidences issued in French.
  • Same applies for countries with multiple official languages, such as Spain. A user from Catalonia may like to have Catalan as the default language, but keep Spanish for the evidence.

We are committed to offer as many languages as possible, for both the user interface and the evidence files. Please accept our apologies if your desired language is not available.

Thank you for asking!
eEvidence Support Team

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"Within my account's profile, there are two different language settings: one for the default language and another for issuing the evidence. Why would I like these to be different?"

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