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Is there a limit on the number of evidences I can request?

Yes, buy you can get more. Free free plans are limited to 25 registered emails a year, every year. For more, you can either:

  1. purchase packs of 25 additional emails for 5 €; or
  2. switch to the premium plan that better fits your needs, starting at 50 € a year for up to 1,000 emails a year, with unlimited users and backup of evidences.

To purchase eEvid packs or upgrade to premium, go to My Account on your account's user private area. For more details about premium plans, please check our Pricing page.

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eEvidence Support Team

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"So far I've been using the service just now and then. Now I plan to start using the service more often, so I wonder whether there's a limit on the number of emails I can register through the service."

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