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Can I change my account's email address?

Not really. All licenses are specifically related to a specific email address, registering emails sent from or received by that address. We cannot switch a registered license to a different address without messing up our database records, so such possibility is out of the question. Instead, do either one:

  • Register for the service using your professional address. If necessary, remove your private address from our system by deleting your current account.
  • If you want to keep both, we suggest you to sign up for a multi-user premium license. You can do so by upgrading your current account or by signing up for a premium account from your professional address. Whichever the case, add the other address to the license and fully benefit from the premium features.

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eEvidence Support Team

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"I registered for the service using my private address, just for trying. Now I would like to switch my license to my professional email address and start using the service more regularly. Can I do it?"

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