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Should I switch to premium?

You don't have to, unless you find some of the premium features convenient. These are some of the reasons why you may want to switch:

  • Premium plans include license sharing for unlimited users.
  • Individual free accounts are limited to 25 registered emails a year, when premium plans start at 1,000 a year for a flat-rate fee.
  • Premium plan include unlimited backup of the evidence files and emails, feature not available for free accounts.
  • You can add up to 200 recipients on copy for every email you send from a premium account. Free accounts are limited to 5 recipients on copy per email.
  • Corporate needs are well addressed from premium plans, including the possibility to add users on-the-fly, alternative file management of the evidence files and data transmission capabilities through our web services to retrieve the status of emails and evidences.

Please take a look at our Pricing page for further details about the different plans on offer.

Purchase eEvid packs

If you have consumed all your free eEvids, but still want to use the service, you don't have to necessarily switch to premium.

Users with free accounts can purchase packs of 25 additional eEvids for 5 euros. You can purchase eEvid packs from the My Account option, on your user private area.

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"So far, the free version has fulfilled my expectations and needs for the service, but I'm not sure whether I should upgrade to premium. What advantages will I enjoy by switching to premium?"

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