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Do you build to order?

We surely could, but, we are sorry, this is not something we are willing to do.

The main rule of our product strategy is to stay within what we do best; this is registering the contents and delivery of email messages.

If you are looking for a way to generate electronic evidence of what your emails contain, who were sent to and when, then we probably are your best pick. However, and that's a shame, we suspect this is not what you are after.

No doubt we could easily build product-oriented solutions for digitally signing documents: after all, we sign our evidences ourselves. But, again, such projects would be in conflict with our business rule. Although our service can be seamlessly set up as a cloud-based add-on from any platform you have in mind, we have no interest in building your end; instead, we encourage you to do it yourself or to contact our software partners for a quote. If you want that we submit your request to our partners, please let us know.

Thank you for asking!
eEvidence Support Team

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"We plan to build and market a cloud-based solution for sending digitally signed invoices by email. Would you accept the job of developing the platform for us?"

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