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What about the emails sent to other countries?

eEvids are solely based on Internet, cryptography and electronic signature standards, supported worldwide. This is why it has become admissible evidence in all countries, without exception.

The eEvid.Cert contains the necessary evidences to prove beyond doubt (proven and verifiable) the facts to which it refers, in particular: the contents of the email, including its attachments, the date it was sent or received, the addresses from which it was sent and to which it was sent, and its actual acceptance at destination.

The cryptographic algorithm we use from obtaining the hash from every file is an standard scheme designed by the National Security Agency (NSA) of the Unites States; the time-stamp provided by the Timestamp Authority (TSA) follows the specifications of the IETF-PKIX RFC-3161 standard and is ruled by ISO 8601 and ISO 18014.

Its probative value is objective, and since its format is based in global standards, its probative effectiveness is the same worldwide.

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"Half the emails we exchange with others are addressed to people and companies located in other countries. Is the evidence valid worldwide?"

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