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How much will the Expert Report cost?

Questioning what the eEvid.Cert's evidence attests is, to say the least, an audacious decision, and its simplicity and forcefulness will discourage most from doing so. However, depending on how much is at stake, the other party may think it is worth trying. In such cases, you will probably find convenient to provide a complementary report to support the evidence. Here's when the Expert Report comes in.

There's no way we can anticipate how much will an Expert Report eventually cost, as this will be determined by what the original email contains. For instance, the email may be just a simple plain-text message, with no attached files, or contain attached files of an uncommon format; the attached files may consist of a few pages, or hundreds; be of regular text, or include complex diagrams that won't fit a regular page; we may be able of printing it ourselves, or require third party assistance. In short, too many factors to consider. As a reference, you can take this:

  • Expert Report starting price: 150 €.
  • Cost per printed or digital page: 2.5 €.
  • In cases where it may be necessary the assistance of a third party, additional charges will apply.

How to apply for the expert report?

To request the Expert Report, submit a support ticket from the user private area: you can do so from the Help and Support page or by selecting the specific email at the eEvid History area. We will provide you a quote and wait for your instructions.

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