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550 5.0.3 The use of eEvid is only available for registered users

The reason why you get this error is quite simple: the address used to send the email does not belong to any eEvidence account.

The first thing you should do is make sure you have registered your address for the service. Please remember that when registering for the service, we always send you a confirmation email to make sure you are authorized to send emails from the registered address: if you did not confirm your registration, your account has not yet been enabled. Try this:

  • Try signing in to your private area: if you don't get access, it is likely that your account has not been confirmed or that you didn't even register that address for the service.
  • Try registering the address.
  • If none of the above works, contact us.

Alias, forwarders and other complex cases

Take a look at the email address reported in the error message: is the one you registered for the service, the same you use to send your emails?

When sending an email and when the recipient opens it, two independent fields are involved to inform about the sender's email address: the Return-path field and the From field. The Return-path field, also known as MAIL FROM, informs about the email address used as the sending address when transmitting the email, whilst the From field, also known as header address, is the sending address that the recipient sees when opening the email. We use the Return-path to validate you as a registered user.

In most cases the two addresses match, but sometimes don't. A couple examples:

  • You use the address 'myname@mydomain.xx' through Gmail's webmail, which original account is ''. In this scenario, Gmail will use '' as the sender address when transmitting your emails to us, even though the recipient will see it coming from 'myname@mydomain.xx'. If '' is not registered for the service, we will reject your emails with the 550 error message. Solution. Register an account for ''.
  • Your business email addresses are based on the domain 'company.xx', but you guys can also receive emails sent to the 'company.yy' domain. In this scenario, your mail server may be using either one for transmitting your emails, in which case the Return-path may not match your registered address. Solution. Register an eEvidence account for every possible version or alias of your regular email address.

If you have registered an E+ premium plan, we suggest you add all additional addresses to your current license. This way you can manage all your accounts within a single license.

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"I'm trying to register emails through your service, but I always receive the following error message: '550 Your email address (...) does not belong to any eEvidence account. In case you want to use eEvidence for registering your emails and digital files, please sign-up at'. What am I doing wrong?"

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