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How do you bill for the premium service?

We've built what we believe it's the simplest and most convenient billing proposal you would expect. This is the deal.

Choose your premium plan

Select the plan that better fits you, based on the number of emails you will be registering a year.

  • Standard plan. Up to 1,000 registered emails a year, for 50 € a year or 5 € a month.
  • Business plan. Up to 10,000 registered emails a year, for 250 € a year or 25 € a month.

If you fall short on your Stardard plan, don't worry: once you reach your limit we will offer you 15 days to upgrade to a Business plan or to sign up for a new Standard plan, without service interruption.

If you fall short on a Business plan, no need to worry either: once you reach the 10,000 limit, a monthly pay per use billing mode will apply.

Go to Pricing for more information about the service fees.

Upgrades & Downgrades

You can:

  • upgrade your free account to premium at any time; and
  • upgrade your Starter plan to Business and to its advanced features at any time.

You cannot:

  • downgrade your Business plan to the Starter plan.

Why we won't allow you to downgrade your plan? Because all premium licenses include full storage of your emails and files, forever, and our fees have been designed with this cost in mind.

Money refund guaranteed

When you upgrade your plan before its year expiration, we will fully refund you what you initially paid for it. No changes will be made to your license's starting and expiring dates.

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"Free licenses aside, I would like to know how much do you charge for the service and how does your billing system work."

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