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Can I have the eEvid.Cert delivered to a different address?

Yes, you can set up both a default delivery address for your group and specific delivery addresses at a user level. This is how it works:

  • By default, all users get their eEvids delivered to their own email address, unless;
  • the group administrator has set up a default delivery address to which all eEvids must be delivered, except;
  • for those users that have entered a specific delivery address for their eEvids.

Please notice that by defining a default delivery address for your group, all eEvids for all users will be delivered to this address unless you define specific delivery addresses at a user level. Say you want to set up a default address, but still have some users receiving their eEvids directly: in this case, make sure you set up this users to have their own address as their specific delivery address.

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"It would be great to have the eEvids of all users delivered to a generic address, instead of having these delivered to the recipient. Is it possible?"

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