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Is there a way I can know if my emails have been read?

We certainly do, but please take this as a simple read receipt indication, not as legal proof that someone opened and read your email.

This is how our email open track works

eEvid tracks email opens by placing a tiny, single-pixel-sized image in each email. When the recipient views images in the email, our image-hosting servers get a request for the pixel-sized image, and we use that request to track opens for each email.

Bear in mind that we will not include this information as part of your registered email evidence. If you want to know if your email has been opened, please access the History log on the user private area:

It is very likely that the email has been opened. If your email was intended to two or more recipients, right now we cannot tell which of them did open your email. We are working on this and we pretty much know how to sort it out.

This indications doesn't necessarily mean that your email has not been opened. The open track technique we use requires the recipient to view the images in the email. If the recipient has blocked the possibility to load external images, the image won't load and we will not be able to tell whether the email has been opened.

How to enable the open tracking feature

This feature is only available on paid plans and is not enabled by default. If you want to enable it for your account, please access the My Account area on your user private area.

Implications on data protection

This feature has implications on the right of privacy of people. Similar as it happens with web cookies, if you are going to use the open tracking feature you should inform the recipients of your emails beforehand. For greater reassurance, contact your legal advisor on data protection issues.

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