Pricing Plans

We help individuals and corporations alike, from occasional to intensive use. From free to less than 1 cent per message, choose the plan that better suits you.

Choose the plan that matches the number of emails you need to register yearly




Up to 25 emails a year

Up to 1,000 emails a year,
for only

More than 1,000 emails a year,
starting at


forever, upgrade to Starter or Business at any time

billed yearly,
or 5 € billed monthly

per email, first 10,000 emails
billed upfront yearly

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Basic includes
All of these features:

Starter includes
Everything in Basic, and:

Business includes
Everything in Starter, and:

  • Personal license
  • User site for history logs and support
  • Up to 50MB and 5 recipients on copy per email
  • Choose from the wildcard or outgoing SMTP server methods for sending your emails
  • A free [user] virtual address for registering incoming emails
  • Tracking pixel to get a simple read receipt indication
  • File registration mailbox to enforce intellectual protection
  • Team license for unlimited users
  • Unlimited storage of receipts during the license term
  • Admin account for license managament and user provisioning
  • Get user permission to access their receipts from your admin account
  • Non delivery receipts for failed email deliveries
  • Advanced features for accessing and distributing receipts
  • Up to 200 recipients on copy per email
  • Pay per use on a tiered pricing, ranging from 0.025 € per email down to 0.005 € per email
  • API service for retrieving delivery status, stored receipts and more
  • Set up a smart host connector for sending your emails
  • Email source validation based on pre-approved IPs or SPF records
  • New users created on the fly
  • MX service for registering emails received at your domain accounts
  • Per-user monthly report
  • Priority support

Is the Basic plan really free?

Yes. You can use the service for free for up to 25 certifications a year. We promisse this proposal will always be available.

Are prices per email or per recipient?

We charge per registered email, regardless the number of recipients the email was addressed to.

Unlimited backup? Really?

Except for the Basic free plan, all other plans allow you to store with us a copy of all your receipts at no additional cost. As long as you keep your license, there's no limit.

Can I switch plans?

Yes and no. You can upgrade at any time, but unless we remove your stored receipts you cannot downgrade your plan.

Can I charge others when sharing my license

Absolutely. You can share your license with whoever you want and in whatever way you want, even from your online platform or distributed program solutions.

How does the pay per use model work?

We offer you a tiered pricing model, so the more you use it during the license year, the less your cost per email is1:

Tier 1 From 1 to 100,000 emails a year 0.025 €
Tier 2 Next 900,000 emails up to 1 million 0.020 €
Tier 3 Next million emails up to 2 million 0.017 €
Tier 4 Next 3 million emails up to 5 million 0.014 €
Tier 5 Next 5 million emails up to 10 million 0.010 €
Tier 6 Next 10 million emails up to 20 million 0.007 €
Tier 7 From 20 million onwards 0.005 €

1Prices for each issued receipt, taxes not included. First 10,000 receipts are included in the Business license year fee.

Find out how much will your registered email project cost with our online calculator.

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